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Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.(Peppera Seed),a holding subsidiary of Yuan Longping High-Tech Agriculture Co.,Ltd,established in 1988 with registered capital of 5 million USD.It is a provincial leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization which focus on the breeding,production,development and sales of new vegetable varieties,mainly focus on hot pepper varieties.

The company’ new headquarter,located in Longwangmiao villiage, Chunhua town of Changsha county was established in 2014 with the construction areas of 4290 square meters which is a incorporate modernized general building including cold storage room,warehouse,processing unit,quality control,R&D and official business.




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Hot Chilli Growing Techniques from Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.

Soil:Well drained black to medium clay loamy soil is suitable. Prepare seedbed:make seedbed with 1.2m wide with waterway of 0.3cm wide and 0.2m deep. Sowing:The sowing time is different as per the regional practices and timings.Usually sowing from the early of January to the early of February in Hunan province of China. Raising seedling in plastic house. Soaking seeds before sowing. Soaking the seeds into 55 degrees Celsius hot water for 15 minutes

Field Day for Vegetable New Varieties Will be Held in Changsha City of China from June 15,2022 to July 15,2022

Field Day for vegetable new varieties of Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd. will be held in Changsha city of China from June 15,2022 to July 15,2022.More than 200 vegetable new varieties of hot pepper, eggplant,cucumber, pumpkin, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, yard long bean,wax gourd,melon and etc will be displayed in the field.During this period,a large group of dealers and customers in different regions of China and abroad will attend the field day and inspect the performance of new vegetable varieties in field to select the most proper new varieties for their target market.

New Upward Cluster Hot Chilli Variety CJ1417

CJ1417 is a new bred hybrid upward cluster type chilli or hot pepper variety from Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.(Peppera Seed).The main advantages of this cultivar is uniform plants,shiny and good quality of dry fruits and high pungency.It is popular and performed good in North China region like Hebei,Shanxi province and also been tested in Southeast Asia countries which have the habits of planting cluster segment hot chilli……