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Hot Chilli Growing Techniques from Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.

Posted on 2022-05-27

Soil: Well drained black to medium clay loamy soil is suitable.

Prepare seedbed: Make seedbed with 1.2m wide with waterway of 0.3cm wide and 0.2m deep.

Sowing: The sowing time is different as per the regional practices and timings.Usually sowing from the early of January to the early of February in Hunan province of China. Raising seedling in plastic house. Soaking seeds before sowing. Soaking the seeds into 55 degrees Celsius hot water for 15 minutes, continue soak for 4 to 8 hours after the water be cold naturally. Drained water and germinate for 3 to 4 days under 25-30 degrees Celsius. Sowing the seeds into seedbed when 30% seeds germination. Normally 90m2 seedbed of seedlings needed per acre land.

Seedbed management: Keep the seedbed warm and full of moisture, control the temperature at 25-30 degrees Celsius in the day time and 20-25 degrees Celsius at night before seedling emergence. Apply 3-5kg NPK fertilizer and 8-10kg superphosphate per cubic meter soil of seedbed. After emergence, spray 0.2% MKP or Urea according to the growing condition of seedlings.

Preparing before transplanting:
1. Applying enough base fertilizer: Applying 30-36 tons per acre well decomposed farmyard manure one time and 600kg calcium superphosphate and 480kg NPK compound fertilizer as base fertilizer.
2. Soil and ridges preparation: Deep ploughing and harrowing. Normally 20-30cm high and 1.3-1.4m wide of ridges in South China. Plant to plant 45-50cm,row to row 60-70cm,two rows per ridge, 12000-15000 plants per acre.
3. Transplanting: 100-120 days from sowing in winter season ,70-80 days in spring, 30 days in summer and autumn in Changsha,a central south city of China.
4. Standards for strong seedlings: The seedlings is with white root and many lateral roots, short and thick stem,10-12 leaves, plant height of 18-20cm.

Field management after transplanting:
1. Watering: Watering every morning in 3-5 days after transplanting as the plant is too weak to absorb water.
2. Fertilizer: Apply top dressing in time and control the plants diseases and insects pest. Apply top dressing of NPK (0.5% solution) at 5-7 days intervals. Once the plant growth is dwarfed with leaves becoming bright yellow, spray Urea and MKP (0.3%-0.5% solution) to enhance plant growth. Spray Urea & MKP (0.3%-0.5% solution each) at 5-7 intervals at harvest time to increase picking times and yield.
3. Pruning: Once the plant grow too vigorous and bear very few fruits, remove all old leaves under the first branch after the first fruit has been harvested.
4. Harvest: Harvest in time.