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New Upward Cluster Hot Chilli Variety CJ1417

Posted on 2022-05-09

CJ1417 is a new bred hybrid upward cluster type chilli or hot pepper variety from Hunan Xiangyan Seed Industry Co.,Ltd.(Peppera Seed). The main advantages of this cultivar is uniform plants, shiny and good quality of dry fruits and high pungency. It is popular and performed good in North China region like Hebei, Shanxi province and also been tested in Southeast Asia countries which have the habits of planting cluster segment hot chilli.

Characteristic:Early maturity, upward in cluster, medium vigor with plant height about 50cm.  Around 10 clusters per plant and 15-22 fruits per cluster. Medium lodging resistance. Fruit length 6-7cm, diameter 0.8cm, pungent, bright red color of dry fruits. Fruits can be dried naturally. In order to decrease uneven color of dry fruit, oven drying is recommended.

Cultivation tips:

1. Planting density:Plant around 33000 plants per acre( 5500 plants per 667m2).The space of plant to plant shall be more closer comparing to Skyline 3. Two rows per bed and one plant per hole, 25cm plant to plant for transplanting.
2. Fertilizer application and field management:Apply enough base fertilizer before transplanting which is mainly from organic fertilizer, phosphate and potash fertilizer, with small compound fertilizer. Accelerate seedlings growing by utilizing urea with 30-48kg per acre once from one week to two weeks after having transplanted. Topping when the first flower appears with plant height about 20cm. Apply NPK fertilizer with 30-48kg per acre once after topping. Use compound fertilizer as additional fertilizer and decrease application of nitrogen fertilizer at the same time. Watering in time in dry season to prevent short fruit.

After continuous 30 years innovative scientific research, Peppera Seed have successfully established commercialized breeding system on hot pepper. 5000 to 6000 new hot pepper hybrids have been designed and 5-10 new varieties selected from those for launching to market each year under this breeding system with the features of uniform evaluation standard on screening, process based breeding work and implemented information technology. Molecular technology applied in large scale on hot pepper breeding and combined with conventional breeding methods to accelerate the breeding speed as well as contribute to innovation of germplam resources. Peppera Seed always aims to  strive to benefit farmers and develop vegetable seed industry.