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Up to sky red firm fruit for fresh market hot chilli pepper seeds H17-359

200 bags or 1kg
Supply ability:1000kg per year
Payment:T/T, L/C, Western Union
Delivery time:15-30 days after payment
Certificate:Phytosanitary Certificate
Customized:Min.order 100kgs
Place of origin:Hunan, China
Shipping:by Courier,Air freight,Sea freight

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  • Description

● Up to sky in single
● Vigorous plant with good leaves coverage
● Fruit size 9-10cm*1.2cm,6-7g single weight
● Green to orange red to red color
● Firm fruit with smooth skin
● Pungent.Long shelf life
● Good tolerance to heat and drought
● Strong tolerance to virus and phytophthora blight
● Suitable for picking up green and red fruit for fresh market


Quality Standard

Genetic Purity
Physical PurityGermination RateMoisture


● The sandy loam with fertile soil and well drain is more suitable.
● The sowing time is different in different countries and planting regions.According to local cultivation habits and trials results to determine the best sowing time as climate variation in different areas.

Risk Tip

● This variety is F1 hybrid and cannot reserve seeds for planting again.
● Small trials is necessary before large scale cultivation. Expanding cultivation areas after successful planting. Our company are not responsible for any losses that result from weather conditions and cultivation.
● Store in cool and dry place.

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